A long time ago, in an archive far, far away…

A Photoshop contest at Worth1000 to mix Star Wars with fine art has produced a few really good early modern examples…

Via Boing Boing.

2 Comments to “A long time ago, in an archive far, far away…”

  1. C3PO Holbein, in spite of poor execution (why is his shadow cast on the death’s head, which is in front of him? Annoying.) for the win. Somehow I feel the history of Anglo-French relations would have gone rather differently if France’s embassies had had such marvelous connections.

    [The fact that your wonderful, contentful posts of the past few days have drawn no comments from me and yet this wonderful fluff-ful post has done says a great deal more about me than about you, friend.]

  2. I’m just amazed anyone read my Taylor and Walker posts at all…

    The C3PO ambassador is rather wonderful, isn’t he? I also like the fact that the girl’s pearl earring is a mini R2D2!

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