Blogs (early and modern)

So, farewell then, Cliopatria: after eight years, like all good things, it has come to an end. Cliopatria played a really significant role in the beginnings of the history blogosphere, and in more recent years has been the hub around which a lot has focused. Ralph Luker in particular was very kind to me when I had just started this blog, and was taking my first tentative steps into hosting blog carnivals and the like. The Cliopatria Awards have also been a very important means of bringing new readers to history blogs, even if I remain cross with them for never giving Airminded the recognition it deserves. And I will remember in particular the controversy about Mercurius Rusticus, and the comment and discussions it sparked.

The history blogging scene feels quite different now than it did in 2006 or so. A lot of the sites that first inspired me are semi-dormant or no more, and I sense that a lot of the discussion that used to happen in comments has now moved onto Twitter and elsewhere. But there are still lots of brilliant bloggers doing exciting and interesting things, and new history blogs keep popping up all the time. A case in point is Eagle Clawed Wolfe, by a friend and former classmate: expect lots of interesting posts about early modern Britain, Italy and France.


3 Comments to “Blogs (early and modern)”

  1. even if I remain cross with them for never giving Airminded the recognition it deserves.

    That’s very kind! But there were many other blogs one could say the same for, including Alun Salt’s, Gavin Robinson’s, and your own. It reminds me of, oh, what’s that other thing, musical chairs? No, the academic job market, that’s what I was thinking of :)

    I agree about Ralph; he has always been very supportive of new bloggers. History blogging has probably grown too big to need somebody to play a centralising role, but it was nice to have him do that all the same. There was some talk of the Cliopatria Awards having a continued existence beyond Cliopatria’s demise, but I haven’t heard anything about that recently.

    And, hmmm, Mercurius Rusticus — there’s a plast from the past! And an untold story…

  2. Thanks for the kind words about the Eagle Clawed Wolfe, and your advice on setting it up, Nick. I will endeavour to put some flesh on its bones now.

  3. “And an untold story…”

    Indeed – I think I pieced together much of it, but perhaps it’s best left untold…

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