Getting ready

by Nick

My new laptop finally arrived today – hurrah! I’m using it to blog this right now, in fact. It’s a week delayed after the couriers continually messed up. It was the usual story of lying that a card had been left after finding nobody home, when in fact I’d been in all day and there was no evidence of any card. Ah well, at least it’s here. I’ve now got the fun part of installing Firefox and all the other extra goodies. After much research I’ve decided to use Zotero to take care of all my referencing and note-taking needs. My aim is to have suitably tagged notes for all of my MA seminars stored using it, as well as references. I haven’t decided yet whether to take notes directly to laptop or to write them longhand then go through a process of summarising them onto PC afterwards. Learning-wise I’d probably do better with the latter but part of my dilemma stems from the fact that I’ve been away from higher education so long that I’ve no idea whether it’s the done thing to take a laptop into seminars these days… it was unheard of in the late 1990s, if only because no undergraduates had one. Even the concept of referencing software has been an education for me. I didn’t realise anything like EndNote existed until recently. A PhD-in-computer-science, computer-game developing friend has also been trying to persuade me to use LaTex for essays and the eventual dissertation, but I don’t think I’m that hardcore… yet.

Posting here may be sparse over the next few weeks for the excellent reason that I’m getting married next weekend! Between organisation, the day itself and honeymoon my time will be rather limited. We’re off to the Scillies for the honeymoon after the event itself taking place in Cornwall near Falmouth. The crusty antiquarian in me is still head over heels delighted that the church we’re tying the knot in dates back to the fifth century – nothing left of the fabric save for a celtic cross in the grounds but there is something that bowls me over about saying vows in a place where people have been doing the same for over 1500 years. I then have two days after getting back from honeymoon before the induction evening for my MA. I can’t wait to get started and I’ll be blogging fairly regularly as I go through the first term’s course (which is a general introduction to key early modern themes and issues).