Last post until October

by Nick

Well, the big day is nearing. I leave for Cornwall tomorrow evening straight after work (for which my boss has very kindly organised a senior management away day at a central London venue, so that I have to lug two heavy bags across the Tube network. Thanks boss…). I’m just praying for good weather for the wedding day itself on Saturday! The planning is done, more or less, the suits booked, the DJ briefed, the house tidied, projects at work handed over, I’ve even put a Wikibreak template on my Wikipedia user page… and I’ve also got to abandon this blog until October.

I’m surprisingly sad at doing so. It’s become something of a ritual to check my statistics a few times a day, and the excitement of starting to get comments – and realising I’ve got readers! – has been amazing. It’s been fun seeing what searches have referred people here, too. Various searches for John Adamson’s Noble Revolt have been what’s driven most of the traffic here in the past month or so, but there have also been some more obscure ones:

  • thank you letter grandfather
  • churches in north monmouthshire
  • killing in the name of god
  • dying in the name of god
  • a perfect politician

I’ve also discovered I have an authority of 8 on Technorati – not so bad given I started this in July. And I’ve been really pleased to discover who else is out there blogging about history. Gavin Robinson over at Investigations of a Dog, Sharon Howard at Early Modern Notes, and Roy Booth at Early Modern Whale have been particular inspirations, but there are lots of you out there, and I’m been really excited to discover all your blogs. But most importantly, starting this blog has made me realise just how much I missed the world of history. 5 years in the world of work has been far too long. It’s massively confirmed to me that I was right to apply for a postgrad course, even if only part-time, and even if at this stage it looks unlikely to lead to anything more concrete than personal fulfillment (nothing wrong with that).

So, I’ll be back in October, at which point I start my Masters. I’m hoping to keep up regular posts, both about the experience of returning to university after quite a while, and about the topics I’m studying.