France France Revolution

by Nick

Via b3ta I have found the best ever concept for a historically-themed computer game: France France Revolution.

(One of those jokes that probably won’t make much sense unless you know what the original game is).

Meanwhile I have been looking at a slightly earlier period in French history – the reign of Louis XIV – and have been reacquainting myself with the work of Norbert Elias and the structure of the French court during this period. Coincidentally Melvyn Bragg chose this week to focus In Our Time on divine right monarchy, and below are both a link to the programme and a new blog I’ve discovered called After Our Time, which aims to provide both a place for discussion and to collect transcripts of the shows via wiki. It’s a fantastic resource and I recommend it to you.

Finally I thought I’d share a nice quote I found from the marechal de Villeroy:


When a Minister is in power you hold his chamber pot for him, but as soon as his feet are beginning to slide, you empty it over his head.


I’ve worked in government as a humble official for five years now, and in my experience not much has changed really…