Conference roundup

by Nick

I am snowed under with work – both of the history and bill-paying kind – at the moment but I hope to be posting in a bit more detail over the next few days on what I’ve been up to. I have been spending a lot of time delving into popular politics in the 1640s so there should hopefully be some of my thoughts on various books and articles by Andy Wood, and some bits and bobs in terms of primary sources I’ve been researching. And as ever there have been the distractions, like a French cookbook I found on Early English Books Online and a new book on Cromwellian parliaments by Patrick Little and David Smith. So if I get the chance there may be a bit on those, too.

In the meantime, here is a selection of early modern history conferences for the coming months helpfully pulled together by Christopher Thompson, Mercurius Rusticus and Oxoniensis.