Zotero 1.0.2

by Nick

Zotero version 1.0.2 is out. I have blogged about Zotero before but in case you’re not familiar with it, it’s an addon for the Firefox internet browser that will fulfil all your referencing needs. (If you don’t know what Firefox is then go back to sleep…) You can import bibliographic details from a wide range of websites (Google Book, Amazon etc) at the click of a button, tag and organise references to your heart’s content, and auto-generate bibliographies.

The advantage for me of version 1.0.2, which has been around already for a while in dev versions but not as a finished version, is that it comes with lots more citation styles. So whatever requirements your essay or article needs to conform to, you can probably find the right style – and if not you can create your own.

If you’ve never used Zotero then I’d recommend giving it a go – it really is versatile and it has helped me enormously in organising all of my notes electronically.