Look – blogs!

by Nick

Not to be outdone by Brett over at Airminded , via my referrals page I’ve recently discovered a couple of new blogs.

1692 in America is a day-by-day description of several events from 1692, including the Salem witch trial and the reconquest of New Mexico but also some less well-known events. It draws on a wide range of sources and is a really interesting way of presenting the material. A great idea, and one that it will be great to see develop as the narratives unfold.

Gilbert Mabbott is by a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The blog is about the author’s work on Mabbott and the London news industry during the 1640s. There’s already some really interesting snippets about the author’s exploration of the Thomason Tracts, for instance on the relationship between Mabbott and Henry Walker.