Producing maps

by Nick

I’ve written before about mapping early modern towns, but I’ve come up with a problem which has got me a bit stumped.

For a paper I’m writing, I want to produce a map of Cirencester approximately as it might have looked during the civil war period. Nothing complicated, just a simple black and white street plan. As far as I can tell, no such map exists. What I have found is a slightly elevated view of Cirencester in the early eighteenth century by Johannes Kip, which at a pinch I can use to compare against a modern street plan and produce my own map.


This is probably a stupid question, but does anyone know whether there is any software that will allow me to do this relatively easily: for example by allowing me to crop and modify a modern graphic of Cirencester’s street plan, or alternatively plotting a street plan from scratch relatively easily (eg some sort of drag and stretch system)? At the moment I am toying with the idea of saving a JPEG from Google Maps and altering it manually, but it seems like a lot of effort. What I may end up doing is hand drawing it, then scanning it to my computer – but if anyone has any bright ideas your help would be much appreciated!