Will you have a cup of tea, Father?

by Nick

Down with this sort of thing

From Thomas Scot’s account of his role as intelligencer for the Council of State in the early 1650s, describing his network of spies and agents:

For France there was one who went by the name of N. N., who had for a long time before (as I understood from Mr Frost) given Intelligence to the Committee of both Kingdomes, and after to the Committee of safety at Derby House, which I saw was satisfactorie, but when the King came thither wee added, and by the meanes of Father Creely an Irish Abbott, knowne here by the name of Capt. Holland, got something more in relation to his Maties affaires and from about ye Queene his Mothers Court.

Is it wrong that when I read about Father Creely I immediately thought of his modern-day counterpart?