Ends and beginnings

by Nick

One chapter of my life came to an end last week, as I finished and handed in my dissertation.

Another chapter started with the arrival of our beautiful little boy Oliver, three and a half weeks before we were expecting him! Mum and baby are now home and doing brilliantly.

The Masters may be over now, but between work and family this blog will (I hope) continue. It started off in July 2007 more as a means to force myself to write up my thoughts on books I was reading and seminars I was participating in. Gradually it started to evolve into something different, not least due to the influence of other bloggers. I’ve met, spoken to and corresponded with more interesting people through writing this blog than I could ever have imagined. The conversations I’ve had with readers have been the main reason I’ve continued blogging, and are why I can never really imagine stopping. You’ve sparked new research interests, helped with references, and reinforced to me the reasons why I am so passionate about the early modern period. So thank you for reading over the last two and a bit years, and for forgiving the odd self-indulgent post like this. Normal posting will hopefully be resumed soon!