SHARP 2010

by Nick

By some minor miracle my proposal for the SHARP 2010 conference – this year’s theme: Book Culture from Below – was accepted, so I’m off to Helsinki next week. Still can’t quite believe it’s actually happening, but needless to say I’m really excited. I’m particularly looking forward to the two panel discussions on conceptualising book history from below and on fairy tales in popular print. My hotel has wi-fi, apparently, so I will try to do a post at the end of every day about what’s gone on.

My own paper is called ‘To Have No Newes Is Good Newes’: Newsbooks and Readers during the Early English Commonwealth, 1649–1650′ and is part of the Friday morning session, if any readers of this blog are there and at a sufficiently loose end to sit through it. Failing that, if anyone’s going and wants to meet up for coffee at some point then let me know!