Bits and bobs

by mercuriuspoliticus

  • Anchora is a blog by Adam G. Hooks at the University of Iowa, focusing on the history and future of the early modern book. Some amazing posts are already up including highlights from the rare books collection at Iowa.
  • Republic of Thought is a blog about early modern Irish history, focused particularly on the sixteenth century.
  • Women in Early Modern and Medieval History is a treasure trove of primary texts and images which has been going for over a year, but which I have only recently come across. It covers themes such as fashion, poetry and childbirth.
  • Streets of Salem is a blog by an academic based in Salem, Massachusetts. A strong early modern focus but the posts also range much more widely, and include excellent illustrations.
  • Beggars Bush is a new site by Neil Howlett about geographical sites associated with the name Beggars Bush. I can’t better the way Neil himself describes it: ‘a Perambulation through the Disciplines of History, Geography, Archaeology, Literature, Philology, Natural History, Botany, Biography & Beggary’. Definitely recommended.
  • And finally… I have a review of Adam Smyth’s excellent Autobiography in Early Modern England (limited preview at Google Books) in this month’s History Today.