The Holland family

Robert Holland was an ironmonger who had a shop in Newgate market from around the 1610s onwards. He and his family lived and worshipped in the parish of St Bride’s Fleet Street, just outside the City walls across the river Fleet, and about 15 minutes’ walk from Robert’s shop.

Robert was married to Mary, and they had nine children. All but two of them died in early childhood:

  • Dorothy: born 29 June 1619, died of the plague in August 1636.
  • Daniel: born 3 May 1622, died 6 May 1622.
  • Walter: born 20 September 1626, died 6 January 1627.
  • Frances: born 18 November 1627, died of the plague on 25 August 1636.
  • Thomas: born 9 November 1628, died 1 March 1630.
  • Peter: born 7 February 1630, died of the plague on 7 August 1636.
  • An unnamed daughter: stillborn on 12 January 1631 along with a living twin, Richard.

Only Richard, born on 12 January 1631, and Ann, born on 26 February 1632, seem to have survived to adulthood. Researching this family, particularly the three deaths in quick succession during the plague year of 1636, has upset me more than anything I have studied for quite a while.