A most auspicious star

by Nick

While browsing through the Loseley Manuscripts – a collection in Surrey History Centre of the papers of the More-Molyneux family from Loseley Park near Guildford – I came across some scattered pages from a mid-seventeenth century almanac.* 

It appears to be a previously unknown set of predictions by the famous astrologer William Lilly. Only the title page (which has print only on the recto side) and one other page (with print on both the recto and the verso) seem to have survived. What has happened to the rest of the almanac is not clear. However, the surviving pages may come as a surprise: see for yourself.

Happy new year to everyone who has visited this blog during 2010: thank you for reading. The missing pages of Lilly’s almanac will no doubt have predicted you a wonderful 2011… 

* Not really.